Alienware is one of the premier custom build computers on the market. Because of this their website required frequent updates and product refreshes in order to give the customer all the information about a prospective system. Our biggest goal when updating or creating new content was to make sure everything had a clean look and feel in order to promote the excellence of the brand.

After taking over as the main developer I started to add a lot more dynamic and interactive elements to the website. I was also the primary person who started prototyping and building out their now new layout website that launched this past Spring.


Doral Bank

Doral Bank came to me as a complete site redesign that needed to happen by the time they officially launched their company-wide rebranding. In a very short amount of time I managed to take the comps and wireframes and create a clean design that everyone was happy with

One of the added difficulties that came into play during this redesign was the fact that every page had to be bilingual and switching between languages should be as easy as possible. I created some unobtrusive javascript to enable any person to switch between each language quickly. I also took into account SEO principles when adding content and doing site structure.



When I created my own blog 9 years ago I thought since I was just starting to get into web development that I should try to create my own layout. Over the years it's gone through a lot of different iterations but when I found WordPress as a blogging engine I gave a shot at developing my own theme for it since at the time there weren't many I liked.

The first go around was really my first attempt at learning CSS and I didn't know a lot. Over the years as I've learned more and more I've gone back into the theme and updated parts that needed it. It's now completely table-less and something that I like the look and feel of a lot. The theme is called Girls-Suck after a website I used to write for and features the artwork of Sam Brown from Exploding Dog.

Wordpress Themes

Because of my experience with creating my own theme for Scudly.com I was then asked by several people to create custom Wordpress layouts for them. A lot of the actual designs aren't done by me. I'm just very good at getting them into a fully functional Wordpress install within a short amount of time.